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Demanding it from ourselves; Expecting it from each others; Pursuing it as a team.

Glenrothes Amateur Swimming Club

Glenrothes Amateur Swimming Club is more than fifty years old and provides an inclusive, friendly and welcoming environment for all swimmers. From the age of five, we have squads across all ages, up to and including Masters (over 25s), in both competitive and fitness only swimming. In addition, the club has enjoyed great success over many years in developing disability swimming.

Our team of highly experienced, professional coaches and teachers train, encourage and nurture our swimmers, resulting in achievement at regional, district and national levels. Our land and water training takes place at the excellent facilities at the Michael Woods Centre in Glenrothes, as well as at Cardenden Swimming Pool.

In addition, we provide other opportunities such as social events and Young Leader Awards.

Our club is run by dedicated volunteers who support our swimmers to be the best they can.


Build knowledge

Stay safe

Develop new skills


Develop confidence

Set goals

Growth mindset








February Round Up

What a remarkable two months it has been for Glenrothes swimmers and for the club as a whole, read more about our list of achievements in the first couple of months of 2024.

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Welcome to the New Year!

Looking forward and wishing a warm welcome to 2024 to all our swimmers, parents and carers, volunteers and coaches.

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The Club Championships 2023

It’s coming to that time of year when the club’s very best swimmers compete against each other for the title of Club Champion. Our Club Championships are being held at Michael Woods Centre on Wednesday 1st November and Wednesday 8th November, both with a 6.00pm warm up.


For new swimmers we have made a list of our coach so swimmers aren’t anxious going on to new squads.

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Eddie Campbell

Black and Masters Squads

I consider myself as a bit of a dinosaur now but I still get a lot of enjoyment from Coaching. Helping swimmers to achieve their potential, sharing in their journey and having lots of laughs along the way is hugely rewarding.

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Helen Jones

Red, E and Masters Squads

I’m old(ish), I’m a professional photographer with my own studio and love my job. I enjoy swimming and do a lot of scuba diving and snorkelling when on holiday, I love a wee swim with sharks when I get the chance 😉.

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Joanna Laing

C Squad

I have coached every level at Glenrothes, from the absolute beginners to having a spell as Head Coach of the club.

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Zara Milton

C Squad

Primary teacher by day; swimming coach by night.

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